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Meet Miranda! She is a hairstylist at The Parlour at Hazelwood located in Muncie, Indiana. Think girl next door, beautiful, humble, kind, and so easy to talk to. That is Miranda. She has some serious skills behind the chair and the type of soul that just makes you feel welcome when you are around her. About that work, let me just give you a little taste of what I mean. When I say talented, I mean it! She offers everything from color services, hair extensions, treatments all the way to professional makeup. You have to book with her!

This salon is gorgeous! It was equally as much fun spending time with Miranda as it was basically touring this beautiful property! There were so many plants, which was so very on brand with Miranda. She has her own plants in her salon area as well.

The staircase is magical. As you climb the stairs to get to Miranda's station, your eyes just are going to all the details. The chandilier, the beautiful wallpaper. She mentioned at Christmas they have a very tall tree, and it pretty much sealed the deal that I am going to come in for some type of service to see Miranda and this place decked out for Christmas!

We laughed almost the entire time while taking photos. That means we definitely have some video footage that she ok'd me to share. It makes me laugh all over again when I watch them.

Yes, we are being authentic, but it still feels a little awkward for someone to tell you to do things you do without thinking but move slower. haha.

Let's show you some of my favorite Miranda shots!

Be sure to follow Miranda on all her platforms and show her some love!

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