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I have to start this intro off with telling you how Logan was brought into my life! I had just created my LLC for SCM and I knew I needed to find some models. I hopped on Instagram and searched the hashtag #indianahairstylist As I sifted through accounts, I came across her account. WE HAD THE SAME BIRTHDAY. We both love tattoos. She was in a town close to mine. So I messaged her! From my brand-new account with like 10 followers at the time. The universe must have had our back, or she is just very trusting, but we set up a date to take pictures! When I met her, it was like I had always known her. Those kinds of people are my kind of people. So this is what we created together!

She is a natural in front of the camera and so much fun to hang out with. We stopped at her salon, grabbed some shots in the Historical District in Richmond. The wind was fierce but made for some amazing content! Our last stop was Roscoe's where we did some lifestyle "business on the go" type shots. She of course, nailed it!

This was a promo video I made for her. See the wind worked in our favor! Be sure to give Logan some love and follows!!

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