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Why do I need a website?

Websites are essential to a business. Just like you are doing right now, your clients will go online and search for your website. They want to know about you, your brand, what you offer, pricing, and check you out before contacting you. 

This is also a great place to feature those videos and photos you just had done. Having everything in a central location offers your business a home base. With all the platforms, it is hard to know which one your target market is using. They all use an internet browser. Trust me, you need one. You can create one yourself or you can hire someone like me to help you through the process. 

What do I need to get started?

Currently, I have to limit the number of websites I take on to manage but creating them and handing them over under supervision until you get the hang of it will be my focus for now.

To create a website, we need to gather all the information. Everything about your business needs to be accessible. This is how I pull information and create an elevated website tailored to your brand. 

You will also need to secure a monthly subscription for your website host as well as purchase your domain. The domain will need to be renewed in 2-3 years, but you will get all that information once we set up a meeting. 

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  • Brand Discovery Call

  • (2) 1 Hour Meetings ( Initial + Audit )

  • 1 Hour In Person Website Coaching

  • Strategy Guide For Website Maintenance

  • 30 Days Website Coaching ( Perfect for help while you get the hang of it )

  • SEO Strategy

Starting at $199

Living the dream. Have a website created and handed to you while you learn to make changes and update it yourself. 


  • Brand Discovery Call

  • (2) 1 Hour Meetings ( Initial + Audit )



( Boutiques Are Excluded From Maintenace Plans )

  • Monthly Audits

  • Update Pricing Or Menus

  • Portfolio Updates

  • All Updates And Changes ( Excludes a Rebuild)

Build Starting at $199

Monthly Starting at $100

Hourly Starting at $25/Hr ( 1 Hour Minimum)

During our brand discovery call we will pinpoint your exact needs and build the best pricing for you!



  • Customized Social Media Graphics

  • Graphics With Captions

  • Customized Graphic Bundles

  • Reels or Tik Toks

  • Multiple Size Graphics For Multi Platform Use

You tell me what you want to create and I will bring it to life. The possibilities are endless.

Starting at $49

This is a great way to help you plan your content and elevate your social media. You can also add these packages to any branding shoot.

Are you ready to get your authenticity on?

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