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What is culture and why does it matter?

Our culture is everything. Think of it as the foundation to your brand and business. Regardless if you are a 1 person powerhouse business or a team of multiple masterminds. Culture is very different from marketing. Culture is why and marketing is how. 

Creating and developing your culture takes time. It takes communication, clear boundaries on your expectations and the right people on your team. Much more goes into creating culture but we will start here. How do we work on these top three factors?

Communication | You have to be able to communicate with your staff and clients. If you cannot have productive communication on your culture goals it will be very hard to achieve them.

Clear Boundaries | Setting clear boundaries with your staff and clients will ensure that everyone is on the same page. This protects your culture and keeps it intact. Example: In my business, I am all for helping my clients through their own problems, but we will never talk about someone else’s. If someone gets off track, I gently nudge them back. You can do this in a positive way by just reminding them of your boundaries. We are all human, but it is my job to keep respectful boundaries to ensure my culture remains the same.

Having the right people | This one is hard sometimes. You can have wonderful humans that just don’t align. It’s important to respectfully communicate and if it is just not going to work and your culture will be held back you will have to cut ties. That’s business. Take those lessons and apply to your onboarding process. Example: in my business, when I interview I do not ask to see work samples. I do not ask about work experience. I start with questions such as “Tell me who you are as a person, not a stylist.” and “How do you deal with negativity and drama?”
Why do I ask these? Because my culture is built around empowering humans to be their best selves. I don’t want explosive individuals in my organization. I ask questions based on the culture I am maintaining. Skills can be learned. I’m hiring the human not the artist.

How will you help me reinforce the culture I want to create and improve my mindset?

This portion of SCM is still under construction, however, I do know how I am going to help each of you. The beauty industry is brutal at times. We have so much to UNLEARN. Bad experiences have left us a little jaded and we have to flip that script and stop allowing situations to steal the joy and creativity that got us started in the first place.

We will identify your culture, set the expectations that are required to achieve and maintain that and start knocking out the list. This will require a very vocal and assertive version of yourself. I understand that this process is not for everyone. I will have a free group where you can get a feel for what all this looks like. Where you can network with others who are curious and ready for a change in their culture and the beauty culture in the industry in general.

If you see results from implementing my free content and want to dive deeper, I will offer different options. These will be primarily based on an hourly rate.

I am currently curating a program that can be customized as well as streamlined to help all clients in the beauty industry. If you are interested in being one of my clients during the growth phase on this program, please fill out the intake form and we can get started!

Are you ready to get your authenticity on?

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