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Meet Naomi! She is the owner at Shear Beauty in Muncie, Indiana where she makes dreams come true! She is a Permanent Makeup Artist who offers permanent brows, lips, eyeliner and areola tattoos. She is also a permanent makeup educator! You can book a class with her and learn from a human who takes education very seriously. She has invested so much into her own education to ensure she is giving her clients and students the very best. Fun fact, when I personally was in the pmu business, this beautiful soul let me come shadow her. She has such a nurturing soul.

I met Naomi years ago when she was a hairstylist. She was a hairstylist for 19 years and a makeup artist for 6. Her personality was instantly a yes for me dawg!

Be sure to check out Naomi's work and follow her on all the platforms. She is a supporter of all! She wants to see you win. She loves to see others grow into the best version of themselves! Are you starting to see why I love her so much?

Are you still craving more of everything Naomi? Because same! so one more link!

Now, Let's get into some of her shots from her branding shoot! She was an absolute rockstar with all the outfits, the hair, the model vibes. She is my hero for real!

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