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This boutique does not need an introduction, but we will go ahead and give them one! Simply Taylored is owned by Taylor Mapes and to say I love her and her shop is an understatement. Customer Service here is topnotch. She always knows exactly what I need, and she tells me what I don't need. That is how you know you can trust someone. When they tell you not to buy something they are selling!

Taylor recently started selling Farmasi and we had to do a product test session and grab shots of all the makeup. We had so much fun! I used to do product flat lays back in my makeup reviewing days, but it had been so long. To be honest, I told her, I don't know how this will turn out. I have no idea what I was worried about. Look at this magazine worthy shot of her products!

These shots turned out better than I imagined. Now she has stock photos of her products to use on her social media that was taken in her boutique. This sets her apart because she is the only one with these images. It makes her content original and elevated.

This is where all the magic happened. You can create your own setup and use your phone or camera. You will need a white foam board, white posterboard that beds for the background and a lighting source. When you edit the photos just adjust the white balance and voila. Elevated content!

Be sure to stop in at Simply Taylored in Winchester or you can join their Facebook and shop their lives or place online orders! They truly are one of my favorite places to shop for clothing.

This beauty is waiting to style you!

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