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Meet Lexi!!! Well..I suppose her professional government name is Alexa Grace but she answers to both haha! Lex is a Licensed Esthetician working at Cosmotique Salon + Spa in Richmond, Indiana! I have known this lady since she was a younger child and its so wild seeing her all grown up. I feel like I am still 30 and all my kids I've known just keep catching up with me:)

Lexi works in an Aveda Concepts salon and uses all the amazing Aveda products in her services. While I was there, I even was like oooooo what is this one for. They are beautifully packaged and that is always a hook line and sinker for me!

You can book all the things with Lexi! Facials, waxing, makeup. Check out Cosmotique's service menu right here!

So, I know why you are still reading this. You want to know how we got Lexi to sit still, stop laughing and smile like this little goddess in the photo right?! She was a dream to work with. When we didn't quite understand a mission, I switched places with her and showed her and she did it. I loved seeing her confidence beam as I showed her the shots during the shoot. She is stunning. Her eyes are out of this world. We laughed SOOO MUCH!!!

Her facial room is so relaxing! Unfortunately, with it being so relaxing the lighting was a little hard to work with for photography purposes but that is ok! PERFECT FOR FACIALS! I love the space! You go upstairs and have your own waiting area. Her room has a little neon light action which everyone knows I'm in love with!

Cosmotique has an amazing selection of Aveda Hair + Skin products! I'm sure there were more but we were trying to stick to areas that Lexi works with. Be sure to ask her for product recommendations! She can help you with hair and skin care!

Be sure to follow Lexi on all her social platforms. I'm going to add them below for you to follow.

Here are a few more shots from her branding shoot!

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