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Disclaimer: I work with beauty industry brands and those who overlap into the beauty industries. That goes for salons (any and all things beauty services), boutiques, wedding vendors, photographers, venues, etc. Tiffany was the best and let me come in for some learning and fun!

Now that is out of the way..haha. This place needs no introduction for those who live here in Randolph County. Northblock fuels all of us coffee lovers with high quality coffee and ingredients, pastries, all the goodies you would ever want to buy and very recently, flowers from a local florist! They are beautiful and fit in my cup holder so...bonus points.

Northblock carries so many local brands. Be sure to have your next coffee or beverage inside and check out the selection of local honey, syrups, all the yummy things to take home to eat, Northblock swag and sooo much more. They always have an amazing selection!

The drive thru window is always a great way to run through to grab and go but to truly enjoy everything that Northblock offers is to go in and enjoy the atmosphere. With plenty of workstations (including outlets if your computer isn't charged), wifi access, comfortable seating, access to specialty drinks only offered inside, you do not want skip taking the extra time to enjoy your moments. The staff is beyond amazing. It is like going to visit your extended family. Honestly, it is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Be sure to follow Northblock on FB by clicking HERE.

You can also follow them on INSTAGRAM HERE.

You will find all the updates, hours, specialty drinks and events posted on both of these links. Northblock is always helping with community events that help others! Like this amazing event!

We still have some spots open! If you would like to schedule, please be sure to reach out to me and we will get you set up! This is a great way to get your little entrepreneurs around like-minded individuals that will propel them into further thought about their business they have already started or one day hope to have!

You can join our event on Facebook to learn more by clicking HERE.

I could go on about Tiffany and her family and all the ways they pour into our community but instead I will leave you with some extra shots from our photoshoot fun!

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