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Into the woods I lose my mind and find my soul..

It's like pure magic to be standing outside with the sun shining down on you. The warm breeze feeling like it's cleansing your soul of all your sins. The sound of birds, leaves on the trees moving in the wind, a stream running somewhere close. It is my happy place. You may think, what is this doing on a blog on a website that helps you with marketing. It's simple.

Step one, RESET. All the time. Every chance you get. Make the time. Block it off your schedule. I do not have work/life balance. I just don't believe in it personally. I created my businesses to flow with my life. I am a fiercely passionate person about how I spend my time and energy in life.

At the salon, I only have services and clients who align with me. Services and clients that bring joy to my life instead of draining it from me. That isn't easy in the beauty business. We are taught to take every dollar we can get, but I'll tell you right now. STOP GIVING VALUE TO DOLLARS OVER PEACE AND JOY IN YOUR LIFE. When you figure this out you will find you will always attract what you need. Also, this is why culture is of top tier importance, but we will hit the subject on another post.

In order to create this, you have to know yourself! ALL THE WAY DEEP DOWN IN YOUR SOUL. It takes time. As soon as you figure you out, you have grown to higher levels. It's a beautiful thing to get to know you over and over again. Nature is where I have always ran to be with myself and the universe. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It doesn't matter. Many days of my life I have spent time in my car parked somewhere or sitting on a bench, watching animals just live so free. Looking at the clouds form over my head and pass. Over and over. Watched the rain drops roll down my window as they crash into each other before rolling further down. I can close my eyes and think of all these moments as if they are happening right now. It is a rush of peace and alignment for me. I know it won't be this way for everyone. But I also know there is something in your life ( or something you can implement in your life ) that gives you this same feeling.

When you feel this level of peace in a moment, you are able to think about things clearly. Unbiased. You can push your ego to the backseat and tell that brat to hush lol. Ask yourself. What do I want my life to look like? What brings me joy? What doesn't? Why doesn't it? What kind of people do I want to surround me? What are my goals? How do I reach them? What is the first step?

You will find yourself going deeper inside every time you do this. You will learn to identify emotions and feelings within yourself. You become powerful when you are able identify and CONTROL your emotions. It serves you in life and business.

If you don't know who you are at the core, how can you set a single goal? How do you live your life? My answer for my life is, I wasn't. I was playing a role society handed me and going through the motions. I don't want to do that for my entire life. What a waste. Our time here is so small. Sometimes it almost feels insignificant, I know. But, how we live and what we do with our lives impacts people and future generations. We live on much longer than we are breathing. We have to take that serious and maximize the moments.

Some say don't mix business with pleasure. I say.. hell naw.. I'm going to do that all day everyday. Multi-Tasking. Pouring into myself personally also helps me in business so I'm going to do that, thanks. This works for me because I have created a business that is an authentic extension of myself. ( Which is why I encourage and preach this ) Kinda like this post. Maybe only a couple people may read it. Who knows, but I am sharing my passions, using a creative outlet to express myself, attracting only those who align with me to be potential clients, sharing my photography, helping others find ways to align to also reach their personal and career goals and creating content for my website and social media platforms.

You do not get a different Karen when I meet you to help you with marketing. You get this Karen. So, I am also connecting with clients and finding common interests among us. I know some of you will be on my next hike with me! PHOTOSHOOT! ( Perk of spending time with me ) Nature shoots are my favorite. Unless you are a park ranger, it may not be very branded but not everything has to be.

Even as I sit here and type this, I am soaking up my surroundings of this quiet morning. My dog breathing heavily, the birds outside singing their little songs, the hum of cars driving by ever so often. Even the sound of the keys as I type. Soak these things up. Be present. Be aware. Be intentional. When you appreciate the small things, the big things gravitate to you. You will always do more for someone when you feel appreciated right? Yea well so does God!

Here are some things I found perfectly imperfect at Hocking Hills. Located in Logan, Ohio. One of my favorite places to go. You can make a day trip out of this, but it is about a 2.5 hour drive from Winchester. Worth it! Next time we go hiking, we are going to hit up the horse stables as well. They also have ziplining and sooo sooo many other things. I will leave the website link here for you to check out.

Visit the website HERE.

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